The Compact: Climbing the Ladder

The Compact: Climbing the Ladder

The Compact is an essential step to moving Richmond forward, but change is needed to achieve Mayor Stoney's goal of ONE Richmond. Read to learn how we can get there and what Arnstein's ladder has to teach us about community engagement. 

The Compact

Mayor Stoney’s proposed Education Compact could be the central vehicle through which we get a RPS facilities plan adopted and funded. The Compact’s framework provides an opportunity for Richmond to “get our house in order” by internally-aligning the Mayor’s administration, the School Board, and City Council to enact a system of transparency, cooperation, and efficiency.

Worst case scenario, this Compact becomes yet another effort mired in political strife and stagnation that continues our broken school system.  

Richmond Forward is not going to let that happen and you'll want to read why. 

Getting to Work

Getting to Work

Richmond Forward is getting to work on policy analysis, communication, and advocate training. Passionate hands, minds, and voices are needed. Join us today! 

On the shoulders of giants

Wow, what a list of accomplishments in our first year. All thanks to you and the many voices who responded to our call. 

Soldiering On

Dedicated funding will not be a pre-election reality, but don't give up on the lame duck Council. Four years ago a lame duck Council passed the Redskins deal in 35 days because it was made a priority! Also, there are plenty of cool non-funding events to tide us over. 

Transforming Richmond

Richmond is at a time of challenge and transition as our City Council and Administration look to improve our divisive budget process, while Umoja looks to strategically engage our community to "unify, reconcile, and dismantle" our current racial brokennss.